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[Rod Bandy]

"Ravishing" Rod Bandy
Real Name: Rod Bandy
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 304 lbs.
Age: 42
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Titles: Current UWA World Heavyweight Champion (4 times)

Rod Bandy played for the Dallas Cowboys as an offensive lineman for two seasons. A minor quad injury kept him out of action for the remainder of his second year. However, his team went all the way the Super Bowl and won the championship. Despite being on the sidelines during the game, he would constantly brag about his Super Bowl ring and how the team never would have won without his moral support. Several weeks after the game, he announced his retirement and decided to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

His father, Rod Bandy, Sr., a wrestling promoter with considerable influence, quickly secured a top position for his son. Within in a year, “The Ravishing One” became the UWA World Heavyweight Champion. Although he was not the most technically skilled wrestler, his charisma drew sold out crowds night after night.

Over the years, his inflated ego, backstage politicking, and duplicitous nature have created much resentment from his peers. He has never dropped his title cleanly and his matches have often ended in a controversial fashion. On several occasions, because of his close friendship with Jon Alexander, he had other wrestlers fired because he was afraid they would upstage him and knock him off his perch.

Fellow wrestlers have nicknamed him “The King of Circumlocution” for his incessant and pointless football stories. Bandy was a poor student in high school and expelled multiple times for bullying his classmates. Although he dropped out of college, he had an annoying habit of using big words to make himself sound more intelligent.

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