Life Drawing, Painting, Portraits

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[Jennifer] [Sergio] [Matthew] [Jessica] [Foley's Bar] [Jennifer] [Tracy]

Life Drawings

[Jeannette 1] [Jeannette 2] [Nude Back] [Nude Back 2] [Nude Reclining] [Nude Seated] [Nude Ponytail] [Tracy] [Bagel] [Goat and Swan] [Tiger and Bears]


[Jeannette] [Reclining Nude] [Turban] [Profile] [Afro] [Confidence] [White Sheet] [Norma] [Red Robe] [Nude Stripes] [Nude Back B] [Past Tense]

Location Sketches

[AMC 1000] [Building] [Church] [Japantown] [Junk Cars] [Palace of Fine Arts] [Rooftops] [Temple] [UCSF] [UCSF Arch] [Victorian House]
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