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Molly Denmark

Tom Denmark

Jed Diffenderfer

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Jose Flores

Moby Francke

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Debbie Huey/Bumperboy

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Yubeck Kwon

Dalton Grant

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Sang Jun Lee

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Art Blogs and Forums

CG Hub

The Drawing Board


Cartoon Brew

Artists and Art Reference

Please see my
Favorite Artists page for more links.

Lambiek Comiclopedia
Biographies and info on over 11,000 international comic book artists.

Philippine Comics Art Museum
These Filipino artists were the unsung heroes of the comics industry. They may not be household names, but they were known for their incredible draftsmanship and blazing drawing speed.

Maverix Studios

Olga's Gallery
Excellent online gallery of the Old Masters. Includes a lot of the late 19th-century Russian painters like Valetin Serov, Ivan Kromskoy, Ivan Shishkin, and of course Ilya Repin.

Scott Burdick & Susan Lyon

Enrico Casarosa

John Clapp
One of the best art instructors I've had. I learned more from John than most of my other teachers combined. He now teaches illustration at San Jose State University.

Kevin Llewellyn

Craig Mullins

Craig Nelson
Another great teacher that I had at the Academy of Art.

Erik Tiemens

Nate Van Dyke

Morgan Weistling

Feng Zhu


Book search and price comparison.

Bud Plant Comic Art
Comics, sci-fi & fantasy art, illustration.

Bud Plant Illustrated Books
Specializing in out-of-print and hard-to-find books on illustrators. Includes biographies and images of many artists.

Stuart Ng Books
Another great site for rare, out-of-print art books.


Moby Games
The IMDb of video games.
An awesome Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki fansite.

Retro Junk
Best website ever!!

Retro Land
Another retro website.

Botch the Crab
Transformers box art archive.

Transformers fan site.

Scorched Earth Toys
Macross toy reviews.

Yo Joe!
G.I. Joe toy fan site.