Isaac Wong has only loved two things in his life: pro-wrestling and Cassie Fullerton. How far will he go to get both of them?

[Kayfabe - Prologue] Kayfabe - Prologue (In progess)

Character Profiles

[Isaac Wong] Isaac Wong [Shane Grant] Shane Grant
[Cassie Fullerton] Cassie Fullerton [Tommy Rothrock] Tommy Rothrock
[Felix Inosanto] Felix Inosanto [Rod Bandy] Rod Bandy
[Jon Alexander] Jon Alexander [Craig Horsley] Craig Horsley
[Paul Urquidez] Paul Urquidez [Andre the Destroyer] Andre the Destroyer
[Tiger X] Tiger X [El Ocho Loco] El Ocho Loco

Barry the Benevolent Ninja

A tale of ninjas, bunnies, baked goods, and love.

[Barry] Barry the Benevolent Ninja (Added 7/29/08)

Jack and Lucky

"Jack and Lucky" is an ongoing series about Jack, a forlorn 20-something year-old, looking for love. Accompanying him on his journey is his best friend, Lucky, the overweight, carefree, cooking cat.

[Jack and Lucky #1] Jack and Lucky #1 - Forlorn Soul (Added 7/02)
[Jack and Lucky #2] Jack and Lucky #2 - Manic Monday (Added 7/13/04)
[Jack and Lucky #3] Jack and Lucky #3 - Return of the Luna (Discontinued)
[Jobs and Love] 12-Step Guide to Jobs and Love (Added 1/4/03)

Autobiographical Comics

[Smile] Smile (Added 7/27/02)
[Drown] Drown (Added 7/5/05)

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