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[Paul Urquidez]

Paul "Paulie" Urquidez
Real Name: Paul Urquidez
Height: 61
Weight: 234 lbs. (245 lbs. in his prime)
Age: 51
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Titles: UWA United States Champion (2 times)
UWA Tag Team Champion (3 times with Frank Dacko)
NCAA Division I Heavyweight Champion

Paul Urquidez became the NCAA Division I Heavyweight Champion during his senior year at the University of Minnesota. Because of his amazing athletic abilities, the Universal Wrestling Alliance immediately offered him a job as a professional wrestler, but his initial disdain for the theatrics caused him to turn down the offer.

After a year as a sports commentator for a local television station, Urquidez grew bored and longed for action again. He swallowed his pride and approached the UWA for a job, which they readily gave him. However, instead of putting him in singles action, they paired him with Frank Dacko and manager, James Imada, forming the tag team, DUI (Dacko, Urquidez, and Imada). While Urquidez enjoyed success as a tag team wrestler, he became even more popular after turning heel and becoming a singles competitor.

After winning the United States title twice, the UWA began grooming him for the World Championship. But during a steel cage match against his former tag team partner, he severely tore his anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament, forcing him to retire early.

Determined to stay in the wrestling industry, the UWA appointed him as a trainer and assistant booker. His ability to craft memorable angles and feuds led him to eventually become the head booker. It was during this period that the UWA flourished, setting records for audience attendance and pay-per-view buyrates. Recently, Rod Bandy's prolonged tenure as the World Champion and his unwillingness to relinquish the title have caused business to go down. Bandy has denied this correlation, placing the blame on Urquidez. As a result, the UWA demoted Urquidez and hired Hollywood writers to take his place.

Although this incident undermined his confidence and strained his working relationship with Bandy, he continued to stay loyal to the UWA, training new recruits.

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