Party Game Concept Art

These are some original characters that I designed for a party game. (Unfortunately, it got canceled). I've always been a fan of Doug TenNapel's designs for Earthworm Jim, and I've tried to inject the same sense of humor, personality, and variety into my characters. Also below are sketches of various game ideas that the designers initially proposed.

[Peppermint] [Chi-Chi and Bobo] [Inga] [El Guapo] [DDT] [Robotnik] [Kit Kat and Dudley] [Pork Chop]

[Peppermint Model Sheet - B & W ] [Peppermint Model Sheet] [Birthday] [New Bike] [El Guapo's Alternate Mask] [El Guapo's Logo] [Robotnik 2] [Sugar Honeybunz] [Tail Gate Party - B & W] [Tail Gate Party] [Football Freaks] [Football Freaks 2] [Frat Party 1] [Frat Party 2] [Hot Tub Party - B & W] [Hot Tub Party] [Pool Party] [Pool Party 2] [Pool Boss] [Shopping Cart Race] [Billy Bob] [Gwen Stefani] [Ozzy and Lola] [Ozzy's Attacks] [Mat Hoffman] [Travis Pastrana] [Shaun Palmer] [KellySlater] [Belly Dancer] [French Maid] [Fat Lady] [Red Robe] [Rock Star] [Carnaval Dancer] [Carnaval Dancer 2] [Samba King] [Raver Girl]

Occasionally, I'll get an e-mail from an artist asking if they could model one of the characters from my concept art. Smadar Lomnitz from Israel did an awesome job modeling the Fat Lady. It's always cool seeing one of my drawings come to life in 3D. Thanks, Smadar!!

[Fat Lady Model] [Fat Lady Face]

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