Misc Concept Art

Some sketches for a Crash Bandicoot game that never materialized.

[Crash and Tawna] [Nina and Neo Cortex]

Around February 2005, my co-worker, Casey, and I pitched the idea of turning Battle Angel (Gunnm) into a next-gen console game. Since we were both fans of the manga and animation, we spent about a month of our free time coming up with a package that we could present to the president. Casey worked on the design doc and game mechanics, while I did studies of the characters and various moves for Alita (Gally). Z-Axis had already developed rollerblading gameplay for Aggressive Inline, and we felt that we could borrow that technology for the Motorball mini-game. Unfortunately, the executives weren't very excited about the title, and shortly afterward, we found out that another developer had already acquired the license.

[Battle Angel]

Thumbnails for various moves for Alita (Gally).

[Overhead Grab and Throw] [Overhead Neck Breaker] [Dive and Roll] [Front Flip Kick] [Back Kick] [Handplant Kick]

Modok from Iron Man.


Some older sketches and doodles.

[Kat] [Dwayne] [Ari and Shara] [Shara] [Motor Pyschkill] [Leviathan] [Squid Chick] [Equinene Chariot] [Foul Knight] [Reverse Mermaid]

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