3D Computer Graphics

(Please note that these screenshots were taken during production. Since video games inevitably go through changes and revisions, these images may not reflect the final product).

Skylanders: Trap Team (2014)

(Art direction by Terry Falls).

Xbox 360 screenshots of "Monster Marsh" (aka Swamp Level). Additional art by Daniel Ikeda, Laurie Franks, and Carson Urz. Lighting by Mike Teperson.

[Swamp Level] [Swamp Level] [Swamp Level] [Swamp Level]
[Swamp Level] [Swamp Level] [Swamp Level] [Swamp Level]

Skylanders: Giants (2012)

(Art direction by Terry Falls and Amber Long).

Xbox 360 screenshots of "Drill-X's Big Rig" (aka Drill Level). Additional art by Winston Chen and Daniel Ikeda.

[Drill Level] [Drill Level] [Drill Level] [Drill Level] [Drill Level]

Xbox 360 screenshots of "Secret Vault of Secrets" (aka Giant Robot Level).

[Robot Level] [Robot Level] [Robot Level] [Robot Level]

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (2011)

(Art direction by Terry Falls and Amber Long).

Wii screenshots of "Empire of Ice" (aka the Ice Level). This was originally built by Josh Lindeman, but half way through the project, the design changed and it turned into a snow and ice level.

[Ice Level] [Ice Level] [Ice Level] [Ice Level]

Wii screenshot of "Icicle Isle" (aka PVP Ice Level). Originally, there was a ravine and holes that the players could fall through, but the designers decided to seal that up and make the floor one solid piece.

[PVP Ice Level]

Wii screenshots of the "Goo Factory" (aka Troll Trenches).

[Troll Trenches] [Troll Trenches] [Troll Trenches] [Troll Trenches]

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Video Game (2008)

(Art direction by Terry Falls).

Xbox360 screenshots of the Penguin Jeep Chase that I modeled, UVed, and lit. Jeep model and trucks by Daniel Ikeda. Penguins by Eddy Vorachart.

[Jeep Chase] [Jeep Chase] [Jeep Chase] [Jeep Chase] [Jeep Chase] [Jeep Chase]

Xbox360 screenshots of the Rites of Passage, Canyon Section that I modeled and UVed. Lighting by Josh Lindeman.

[Rites of Passage] [Rites of Passage] [Rites of Passage] [Rites of Passage] [Rites of Passage] [Rites of Passage] [Rites of Passage]

Xbox360 screenshots of Marty's Race that I modeled and UVed. Lighting by Josh Lindeman. Originally, monkeys and other animals were supposed to be in the stands, cheering you on. But for the sake of optimization, they got cut.

[Marty Race] [Marty Race] [Marty Race] [Marty Race] [Marty Race]

X-Men: The Official Game (2006)

(Art direction by Mike Kawas).

PS2 screenshots of Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. I modeled, mapped, and lit the island, base, and background, while Sherwin Viray modeled the statue. Textures by Kevin Evans. Additional gameplay elements and modeling by Greg Holt.

[Statue of Liberty] [Statue of Liberty] [Statue of Liberty]

PS2 screenshots of Outer Dark Cerebro. This level was originally built by Edmund Leo, but during production, the game design changed drastically, and I took over the level. Force field effects by Adam Murguia. Concepts by Harrison Fong. Sentinel modeled by Matt Carter.

[AlkNCC Sentinel Bay] [AlkNCC Dark Cerebro] [AlkNCC Generator]

PS2 screenshots of Professor X's office that I modeled, mapped, and lit. Textures by Kevin Evans. (Not used in the game).

[Professor X's Office] [Professor X's Office] [Professor X's Office]

PS2 screenshots of the spillway for Alkali Lake that I modeled, mapped, and lit. Textures by Carlos Fuentes. Snow effects by Shawn Kawa. (Not used in the game).

[Alkali Spillway] [Alkali Spillway]

Iron Man Video Game (canceled 2005)

These are very early PS2 screenshots of the Iron Man game when it was still ground-based. I modeled, mapped, lit, and animated the Control Room and Torpedo Bay, which were supposed to be used for the opening in-game cinematic.
(Design by Paul Sullivan. Textures by Hee Chul Chang. Art direction by Bill Spence).

[Control Room] [Torpedo Bay] [Torpedo Bay]

3D models of the controllers for the interface.


Personal Work

This is the finished Optimus Prime model rendered with real-time shadows using the Madagascar 2 game engine. The final poly count, including the gun, is 23,180. The real-time shadows have some banding and pixelation, and our engine currently cannot use environment maps. Aside from those two issues, I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

[Optimus Prime] [Optimus Prime]

[Optimus Prime] [Optimus Prime] [Optimus Prime]

I modeled this Optimus Prime for fun based on the Masterpiece figure that was released several years ago. Since I wanted it to be suitable for a game engine, I was aiming for around 10,000 polys. But as I kept on working, I overshot that figure by a lot. Currently, it's at 19,076.

[Optimus Prime]

VF-1S from Macross.

[VF-1S Valkyrie Battroid] [VF-1S Valkyrie Fighter]

This is a head that I modeled and textured while I was learning Maya. I'm still not too happy with the hair, but I'll probably come back to that later on.

[Female Head]

Here's the rest of the body that I modeled with the head above. Next, it's onto laying out the UVs, changing the hair, and texturing.

[Female Body]

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